Assisted Living/Alzheimer’s

Morning Pointe Assisted Living of Collegedale at Greenbriar Cove is an assisted living facility that offers programs that help overcome the challenges of senior living. Whether a resident requires a comforting hand on occasion, or a full assistance program, each amenity is customized to provide the right care with dignity. Care is also offered for those who need assisted living on a short-term basis due to a medical procedure, or when a caregiver is unable to provide daily assistance due to an illness or vacation schedule

At The Lantern Alzheimer’s Center of Excellence, activity-focused care is the keystone of the program. The facility is exclusively designed for the specialized care of those living with Alzheimer’s or memory loss disorders. Rooms, colors, activities and monitoring have been developed to optimize independence and quality of life. The daily living environment is modified to enhance independence and motivation. Residents are nurtured wholly in mind, body and spirit through meaningful activities. Individualized services provide residents with lifestyle elements vital to their connection with the past and present.