Living at Greenbriar

Hop on a golf cart and travel our campus to limitless activities.  Swim in the pool, take dance lessons in the community center, enjoy a Bible study class, make new friends in the community center, plant delicious vegetables in the garden, take in the beautiful scenery while walking on private trails or go bird-watching.  Activities at Greenbriar Cove are limitless; there’s always plenty to do!  But if you’re looking to relax, you can’t beat sharing a quiet afternoon with a rocking chair while overlooking private lakes and the mountains.   

Greenbriar Cove offers the peaceful serenity and unbeatable view that you may only expect to find in a secluded destination.  But Greenbriar Cove is mere minutes from top-notch attractions, recreation, educational opportunities, shopping, local arts and fine dining. Chattanooga has been rated one of the top destinations for retirees.  It’s economical and the climate is perfect.

Whether you’re looking for fun, entertainment or enlightenment, the Community Center at Greenbriar Cove is where you’ll find it! Our latest addition—and very popular place—is the perfect spot for friends to come together and for new friends to be made.

Designed to promote community fellowship, the 8,500 square foot community center is the town center of Greenbriar Cove. Here you’ll meet and form friendships with people who come from various walks of life yet share many of your experiences and interests. The Greenbriar Cove community center features a swimming pool, wellness/fitness center, a game room with a pool table, kitchen, and library.

The parkland and conservation areas of Greenbriar Cove provide residents with endless hours of communing with nature. The serene and undisturbed nature preserve area is abundant with wildflowers and wildlife. A peaceful stroll or brisk walk among the estimated 17 acres set aside for nature recreation is sure to reward and rejuvenate. The quality of life is enhanced from the first step out the front door to explore Greenbriar Cove.